LI CHEN MEDICINE BUSINESS CO., LTD is established in April, 1999 by Chairman CHEN, YONG-ZONG. For over 20 years, LI CHEN has imported animal medicines and feed additives, and has provided products to domestic stock farming. LI CHEN insists to import the latest products from Japan. All our products are imported with original packaging in order to ensure the qualities and the pharmaceutical effects. In addition, the products are eco friendly. Instead of antibiotic ingredients, we chose nutrient additives and microbial products with high quality and high absorbability. As a result, the environment can be protected, and the animal right can also be valued. As the revenue keeps increasing, Chairman CHEN decided to establish PEISHOU BIOTECH. CO., LTD for better development. PEISHOU stationed in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park in November, 2007 and leaded by General Manager CHEN, WEN-TZAI. The goal of PEISHOU is to make contribution on society through biotechnology research.


Company Culture

Chairman CHEN, YONG-ZONG was deeply inspired by Japanese culture. To maintain our reputation, the whole company always treats clients with honesty and responsible attitude. We care about each employees and willing to share the outcome of company.


Core Value

Honesty, creditable, hard work, and responsible.



PEISHOU BIOTECH. CO., LTD has stationed in Pingtung Agricultural Biotechnology Park. Besides liquid manure, the company continues to research and develop new medicine that can make contribution on society.

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